Announcing Promotions and Welcoming a New Head of People and Culture to FJS

3 October 2023

In the past few months, Foundation for a Just Society has made some personnel changes to help strengthen and shape our programmatic and philanthropic advocacy strategies and promote organizational health. We are hopeful that these changes will help us meet the call for FJS to step into greater leadership in philanthropy and steadfastly support our partners, while building a more sustainable staffing plan and organization. Our recent staffing changes include:

Maitri Morarji has been promoted to Vice President of Programs. This reflects the consolidation of our programmatic work under this position and recognizes the role that Maitri plays in providing strategic direction for our grantmaking and philanthropic advocacy. Previously, Maitri served as Director of Programs, a position she has held since 2018.

Marina Shmoukler, previously Chief Financial Officer, has been given a title-change to Chief Operating Officer to better represent her scope of responsibility and her leadership of FJS's operations. Marina has been with FJS since 2014.

Ankita Suri has joined our team as our new Head of People and Culture. Ankita brings over a decade of philanthropy and non-profit experience to FJS, with previous positions including Director of Organizational Culture at the International Refugee Assistance Project and Program Manager at All Star Code. In this newly created position, Ankita will lead organizational efforts to champion an internal culture in which everyone feels welcomed and valued and where our values and mission are embedded into our workplace culture. She will also develop and manage our human resources. 

In addition to the updates described above, FJS expects to recruit for two new roles and several additional positions in our program team over the next two years, to further increase our capacity after a period of rapid growth in our grantmaking.

We have pursued these changes and additions with one goal in mind: to better position ourselves to support our grantee partners who we believe are uniquely positioned to create lasting and meaningful change. As we move forward, we will continue to ask ourselves how we can best support our staff to carry out this vital work in partnership with movements. 

In solidarity,

Nicky McInytre